Svetlana Mikhnovets author's online course


 How to choose what to feel, and change life for the better.

Techniques for changing emotions in 90 seconds for smart women

"Feelings are much like waves, we can't stop them from coming but we can choose which one to surf”.

                                                                                                                                                  Jonatan Mårtensson 

If You do not control your emotions, as horses without a coachman your feelings carry You to an unknown direction. And You:

feel dissatisfied

think your loved ones don't understand you 

quarrel with children, husband, colleagues 

set aside for later important goals and dreams

feel so tired that you don’t have enough strength even for a hobby

 Most people think that emotions appear by themselves, and they cannot be controlled.

They fall into the power of emotions and often get the wrong result.

If You...

Save up unpleasant emotions (fear, anger,
tension, helplessness), and then “explode” from scratch

Avoid situations that cause negative emotions

Зависите от настроения других

Having difficulty understanding how you feel

Forbid yourself to experience some feelings (ambition, gratitude, pleasure ..)

Say / do something and then regret it ...

... my course is for you! 

Do not know how to manage your emotions? Do not blame yourself! The overwhelming majority of people face the same problem, because emotional intelligence techniques are not taught in schools and universities, although it would be worth it.

In fact, the control panel of emotions is built into each of us.
It is in our power to choose both the emotion itself and the intensity of its manifestation.

The course "Emotions' Energy" is a step-by-step instruction from A to Z for managing this emotions control panel with practical tasks and feedback.

 When you master the techniques of managing emotions, You will:

feel the peace inside

you will not "drain" energy through emotions

learn to manage the “degree” of your feelings even in difficult situations

easily create any mood and keep you motivated to achieve long-term goals

you do not have to regret what was said in an emotional rush

negative emotions will no longer be in the way of good relationships in the family, at work, in society

emotions will no longer govern you, your behavior and life

feel real freedom and strength in yourself

 Author and host of the course

Svetlana Mikhnovets

  • Psychotherapist and neurocouch, founder of the club "Intellectual Woman" and the project "Energy of Emotions."

  • Author of the book “Minimalism. Live with meaning and manage everything you need”. The author of articles in the journal "Life in a million"

  • In the past, she worked as a neurologist, but when she realized that the pills do not solve the problems of patients, she received an education in the field of psychotherapy. Later she added an existential approach, philosophy and coaching (ICU, ICTA) to her professional education.

  • Favorite stage of working with women - the formulation of the Great task, now it is called the destination.

  • Now among her clients are top managers of large companies from Moscow, London, Toronto, Malta and Sydney, owners of their own business from Russia and Switzerland. They work online, face-to-face consultations Svetlana conducts mainly in Vilnius, where she lives most of the year.

  • Over the years of their professional activities in individual and group format, she has consulted about 20 thousand people.

  What are the benefits of the course program?

We will “pump” emotional abilities, competences and skills with you.

you will master the techniques of managing yourself and your feelings in just 6 weeks and for a lifetime

put in your own consciousness your own scenarios of reaction to an emotional stimulus (trigger)

learn how to draw energy from your own emotions and maintain motivation to achieve goals

you will get strategies for self-knowledge and development

ВHere's what you get when you increase your emotional intelligence:

more clarity, true goals and interest, less influence of society and the environment, less fear of acting;

more freedom and joy, less stress;

more mutual understanding with loved ones, less quarrels;

more results less postponing;

more courage and happiness;

huge amount of energy



Emotions and emotional competencies:

● what is emotional intelligence;

● what emotional competencies are important for life and business;

● where emotions actually come from;

● where the emotional condition control lever is located;

As a result of the module you:

●you will clearly know where, how and why your emotions originate;

● understand the meaning of their messages;

● translate messages into actions;

● start a journal of your emotional life.


From misunderstanding yourself to self-awareness:

● what is self-awareness;

● how to be aware of your emotions - to realize, call, know the triggering reasons;

● 4 strategies for emotional introspection.

As a result of the module you:

● you will know your “painful points”;

● you can prevent emotional outbursts using 4 strategies;

● be aware of the reactions of others to your emotional behavior.


From impulsiveness to managing emotions and behavior:

● what self-control is;

● what it means to control yourself;

● 4 strategies for managing emotional states.

As a result of the module you:

● you will understand that provokes unreasonably “hot feelings”;

● master the skills of managing emotional states;

● create a calendar of psychological restart.


From the struggle of emotions with logic to effective interaction:

● where is your inner control of any situation;

● basics of directional thinking.

As a result of the module you:

● learn to look at the situation from 2 positions and quickly make optimal decisions;

● master the skills of “flexible response” in any situations.

Training is going online      

in your personal virtual office 

you can study at any time convenient for you

supportive community of like-minded people, where we will all communicate intensively, every day - a closed group on Facebook

written feedback on practical tasks

case analysis live on group coaching 1 time in 2 weeks

The training is held in Russian 

For the moment this course is available only in Russian. 

The cost of participation in the course 



8 video tutorials


Feedback on practical tasks

Participation in Facebook closed group 

Two group coaching and Q&As

Bonus 1

Video Tutorial: "How to cope with anger instantly"

Bonus 2

Master class "The shortest way to confidence"


Yes, I am so confident in my course that I give a 100% money back guarantee, if during the first week of training you realize that this program does not suit you, I will refund the full cost of the course to you without further questions.

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